Henry County, Ohio

A current stretch of Route 6 passes under the railroad tracks west of McClure. (July 1999 photo)
The current Route 6 bypasses several towns in northwestern Ohio, including Bowling Green, Bryan, and Napoleon. The old routes through town, however, present many interesting experiences. One of them is this bridge in Napeoleon over the Maumee River, which was built in 1930 and reconstructed in 1964.
In the background of both of these images is the Henry County Court House.  Right: July 1998 photo.  Above: 1940 postcard (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum) 




Distance from Columbus must be inversely related to loyalty to Ohio State athletic teams.  And proximity to Michiagan must bring out a few Wolverine fans. At Noel's bar in Napoleon, loyalties were divided when this July 1998 photo was taken.  

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