Polk County, Iowa

For several decades, and in a number of cities including Des Moines, Route 6 was split among a "City 6" through town and a more peripheral "beltway" route. This July 1998 west-facing photo of Grand Avenue is taken from a location just next to the Iowa state capitol building. Grand Avenue was the original path of Route 6 and later City 6.  In the 1950s and 1960s, the route along this stretch was on the one-way couplet of Grand and Locust.      
On the left is a 1920 postcard view of the Iowa State Capitol building looking east on Locust Street from downtown Des Moines.  On the right is the same scene from July 1998.
Route 6 still follows Euclid and Douglas Avenues across the north side of Des Moines. This early 1950s postcard advertises this motorcourt's proximity to the Veterans Hospital.

A 1950s Shell highway map of Iowa shows how Route 6 and City 6 navigated Des Moines. Today, the great highway has abandoned downtown Des Moines and follows the same path across the northern part of the city as it did in the 1950s.

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