Elkhart County, Indiana

What the USPS won't do to get our attention along Route 6. Chainsaw sculpture just east of downtown Nappanee. (November 2001 photo)
Route 6 cuts a fairly straight path across Indiana. In the process, parts of it parallel major railroad lines heading eastward out of Chicago.  Napanee, Bremen, and Walkerton are on the old Baltimore & Ohio line. B&O Passanger trains passing through here included the Columbian, the Capital Limited, the Washington-Chicago Express, and the Shennandoah.
East of Nappanee, at state route 15, is a great conjunction of farm implement symbols. The J. I. Case bird just can't stand to look at the yard full of John Deere implements. John Deere, by the way, is headquartered west of here on Route 6 in Moline, Illinois. (July 1998 photo)

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