Barnstable County, Massachusetts

1960s Postcard


If you are travelling Route 6 from east to west, a great adventure in bridge crossing and viewing begins here. The Sagamore Bridge, above, carries Route 6 over the Cape Cod Canal. This October 2000 view is from Route 6 southwest of the bridge.  The two other bridges that cross the canal are pictured on the above right, the Bourne Bridge in the foreground and the railroad bridge in the distance.  The two nearly-identical highway bridges are high enough to accomodate ships passing through; the railroad bridge is a lift bridge. All three bridges were built in the mid-1930s with depression-era Federal funds. The sign (right) is located along Route 6 between the Sagamore and Bourne bridges.


Old Route 6 followed the Kings Highway over the length of Cape Cod. Today it is numbered 6A, the main Route 6 being a wider, faster (and some would say much less interesting) road. (October 2000 photo)



Taking old Route 6 (now 6A), the Kings Highway, presents the leasurely traveller with a myriad of scenes, including quaint villages and old roadside serivces. Among numerous interesting old motels is the Jolly Whaler east of Brewster (above). To the right is the steeple of the Unitarian Church in Barnstable. (October 2000 photos)  



Shown here are two alternative ways of approaching Provincetown, located at the tip of the Cape. On the left is Route 6A, the old road, which meanders and undulates through a variety of settlements. Above is the new Route 6, a superhighway that will get you there more quickly, with less interference from the human-built landscapes. The new 6, however, is not without its attractions; some spectacular sand dunes are featured in this scene.  (October 2000 photos) 



As Old Route 6 approaches Provincetown along the coast, travelers are afforded a great view of the Pilgrim Memorial Monument, 252 feet tall and located on Town Hill. (October 2000 photo).
The monument is 100 years old, having been completed in 1910 to commemorate the landing of Pilgrims here in 1620.   (1920s postcard, right)




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