Bristol County, Massachusetts


Above: Hot cheese dogs at the Nite Owl, on Eastern Avenue in Fall River. 
Left: Just up the street from the Nite Owl is a stoplight made by Eagle Signal Company of Moline, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa, both on Route 6.  (July 1999 photos)



East of Fall River headed toward New Bedford is this classic four-lane divided highway. Elsewhere on Route 6 (and other U. S. highways), roads of very similar design were built in the late 1930s and 1940s, especially as bypasses to downtown areas. (July 1999 photo)


Lincoln Park, a classic amusement park, was located on the four-lane highway at North Dartmouth, about midway between to Fall River and New Bedford. It opened in 1894 and was connected to the two cities by trolley lines, one of many amusement parks that were created by streetcar companies near the outskirts of American cities in the 1890s. Over the twentieth century Lincoln Park contained all of the accoutrements of amusement parks of the time, from rides and consessions to big band entertainment. It was closed in 1987. Shown in this July 1999 photo are the reminants of the Comet rollercoaster.
This is the four-lane divided Route 6 looking west from New Bedford toward Fall River. Lincoln Park is about five miles ahead.  (October 2000 photo)


Route 6 passes through numerous towns and regions that maintain strong ethnic traditions. This part of New England was the destination for large numbers of Portugese immigrants in both the late-nineteenth and the mid-twentieth centuries. On Popes Island, between New Bedford and Fairhaven, is a monument "dedicated by the government of Portugal and the Prince Henry Society of Massachusetts, Inc., New Bedford Chapter, to all immigrants who left their homeland to come to a foreign shore and who built the United States of America." Just outside of this October 2000 photograph, to the right, is a Portugese flag. In the background is New Bedford.  

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