Orange County, New York

The 1930s postcard above shows Route 6 underpassing the old Erie Railroad tracks as the highway approaches the bridge to Pennsylvania over the Delaware River.  On the right is a July 1999 photo of the same overpass, taken from the oposite direction. 


Just east of Port Jervis, July 1999. In this area Route 6 comes within a mile or so of New Jersey. With just a bit of rerouting the Garden State could have become the fifteenth on this great transcontinental highway!
Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River was completed in 1924 as the world's longest suspension bridge. No lives were lost in its construction, which took 20 months. The bridge facilitated a crucial east-west highway link, bypassing New York City. (July 1999 photo)
  The Bear Mountain Bridge this is but one of several large bridges on Route 6, as the great transcontinental crosses several major rivers.  Some, like this, are of major historical and engineering/ architectural significance. (1950s postcard)

                  Here is the Hudson River and Bear Mountain Bridge as viewed from Perkins Memorial Drive in Bear Mountain State Park. (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum)

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