Mineral County, Nevada

Highway geographers love old road/new road scenes. Here on the western slope of Montgomery Pass (7150 feet) is such a scene, captured in this October 1997 photo.
At the top of Montgomery Pass (7130 feet) is the Boundary Peak Lodge, which was closed when this October 1997 photo was taken.


From the top of Montgomery Pass the AM radio recepiton would have been pretty good in 1940 when this guide was included with a Union Oil Company map of California and Nevada.  But only at night. After sunset, many of the more powerful stations listed could have been heard (and can be today) in this part of Nevada.

However, through the Owens Valley of California and the middle of Nevada, it would have been almost impossible to hear any AM radio stations during the day. The 1941 edition of White's Radio Log lists NO AM radio stations along Route 6 through all of Nevada and all of the Owens Valley. The only station that might have reached the stretch of the highway near Montgomery Pass was KOH in Reno.

By the way, FM radio did not appear on the scene until well after World War II,

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