Millard County, Utah

Nevada does not have a corner on lonely roads. Eastward from the Nevada border, Utah's Millard County presents the traveler with a long stretch of unspoiled desert scenery. The county seat of Millard County, by the way, is Fillmore (not on Route 6). (left, May 2000 photo)
This lonely road is shown above on a 1940s Utah "Official Road Map" published by the Phillips 66 oil company.  Over 100 miles of Route 6 in western Utah and into Nevada is listed on the map legend as an "improved road," probably gravel.  It would not be paved until the mid-1950s.
During World War II over 100,000 Japanese-Americans from the West Coast were interned in camps scattered across the West from Arkansas to the Owens Valley in California. Two of these camps were along Route 6, Manzanar in California and Topaz in Utah. This May 2000 photo shows housing from Topaz that was moved to the Great Basin Museum in Delta.

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