A Timeline of Our Activities


Summer: Informal meetings begin
November 27: Articles of Incorporation approved by State of Illinois
December 13: Board formed; officers elected (C. Roseman, Pres.; D. Coopman, VP: E. Roseman, Secr.; R. Schantz, Treas.)


February 28: 501 c 3 status approved by IRS
Summer: WQUA: Moline's Hometown Station book published


May 15: Grant from Riverboat Development Agency for corn husking documentary
May 19: Grant from Moline Foundation for Riverside Cemetery book
June: Grant from Pioneer Hi-Breds International for corn husking documentary
October 28: Grant from CHS Foundation for corn husking documentary


September 29: Premiere of the video documentary: When Farmers Were heroes: The Era of National Corn Husking Contests at the Figge Art Museum
December 19: Echoes from Riverside Cemetery, Moline, Illinois book launch at Rock Island County Historical Society


May 14: Grant from the Riverboat Development Authority for the Rock Island prison documentary
August 20: First showing of corn husking documentary on Iowa Public Television

December: Sponsored a public showing of the 1950 Movie, Rock Island Trail, plus footage of a parade from its premiere

December: New officers elected: (R. Schantz, Pres.; C. Roseman, VP; E. Roseman, Secr.; D. Coopman, Treas.)


January 7: Donation from RI Arsenal Development Group for the RI Prison documentary
Summer: Corn husking documentary first shown on Nebraska Educational Television
July: E. Sidran elected secretary of the board
November: Grant from the Moline Preservation Society for the American Dream book.


March: Building the American Dream: A Swedish Immigrant Carpenter, Contractor, and Family in Moline, Illinois book published
July 7: First public showing of the video documentary: The Rock Island Prison: Andersonville of the North? 


May: Grant received from the Riverboat Development Authority for a video documentary on Zebulon Pike's expedition on the Upper Mississippi River

Summer: First showing of the RI Prison Documentary on Iowa Public Television


January: Elizabeth Mercer Roseman elected President, Joyce Haack elected Treasurer and Gena Schantz elected as Vice President.

February: A Century of Players, Performers, and Pageants: Wharton Field House and Browning Field, Moline, Illinois was published. 

July: Diann Moore elected board secretary.

September:  First showing of the RI Prison documentary on WQPT, Quad Cities Public Television

November: Grant received from the Riverboat Development Authority to begin work on our documentary on the first railarod bridge to cross the Mississippi.