Los Angeles County, California

Pacific Coast Highway, which runs the length of California in the form of Highway 101, shares the road with Route 6 through Long Beach. Some auto tourist elements can be seen along this stretch of road including the Beacon Motel, the name of which is a reflection of the port status of Long Beach.
Among many drive-in theatres on Route 6, this was the largest with, appropriately, six screens. Soon after this May 1999 photo was taken, it closed and was replaced with a K-Mart super center. Location: about 200 blocks south of downtown Los Angeles on Figueroa St. (May 1999 photo)
Route 6 extended for several miles south out of downtown Los Angeles along a commercial strip having many traditional tourist elements. Dozens of motels remain, although a number of them are used for other purposes, including this church at 101st Street. (May 1999 photo)
Some sections of housing exist along Figueroa. Here are some classic Southern California courtyard homes. (May 1999 photo)



Route 6 zoomed past the University of Southern California (about a mile south of downtown), then through downtown Los Angeles on Figueroa Street.  None of the skyscrapers visible in this 1997 photo were there before 1965. 

Above is an early 1960s postcard view of downtown Los Angeles, taken just before a gaggle of tall skyscrapers began sprouting up. Since 1928 the tallest building that could have been seen from Route 6 was City Hall, at 454 feet standing tall above the flat skyline of LA in the upper right of this photo. City Hall has been featured in many screen roles, including as police headquarters in "Dragnet" TV series; as Clark Kent's Daily Planet in the old "Superman" TV series; and being attacked by Martians in "War of the Worlds."  (1950s postcard, right) More on downtown LA can be found in USC Geography's walking tour: http://college.usc.edu/geography/la_walking_tour/ 








Figueroa Street and Route 6 zipped northward out of downtown through these tunnels. Today they serve as the north-bound half of the Pasadena Freeway, LA's first freeway.   (1930s postcard)

Here is a 1950s postcard, looking northeast, that shows the incoming freeway lanes on the left and the tunnels on the right.

Northward out of downtown Los Angeles through the San Fernando Valley, Route 6 shared Route 99 along San Fernando Road. This April 2001 photo shows some classic California highway scenes, the Pink Motel and its neighbor Cadillac Jacks Restaurant in Sun Valley. The classic Ford Thunderbird adds an extra nice touch to this old highway scene.

Route 6 climbs northward out of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley into the Antelope Valley on Sierra Highway. This stretch has a "rural" feel to it, interrupted by a few roadhouses and other small businesses. (October 1997 photo)

As the result of efforts by Fred M. Hann, a Route 6 aficionado and former Mayor of Lancaster, these signs have popped-up in Lancaster and Palmdale.  Eventually the glory of the old Route 6 in California south of Bishop will be restored with such signage along the whole route.

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