Clear Creek County, Colorado


This postcard, probably from the 1960s, describes the westward trajectories of the two U. S. highways serving Idaho Springs: "From here, on this super highway, U. S. 40 climbs to Berthoud Pass and U. S. 6 ascends to Georgetown and Loveland Pass." 

This scene in Idaho Springs shows three generations of bridges over Clear Creek. In the foreground is a 1931 concrete bridge and behind it is an earlier bridge that leads to the main downtown street. In the background is the I-70 bridge. (July 1998 photo)
Idaho Springs has a busy roadside landscape that includes the Peoriana Motel, whose name must have Illinois origins. Today, highways 6 and 40 share a common route with I-70 for about twelve miles west of here. At that point Route 40 heads northward up to 11,315 feet over Berthoud Pass, while 6 heads west, climbing to 11,992 feet on Loveland Pass, the highest point on any federal highway. (July 1998 photo)

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