Phillips County, Colorado

Like many old mom-and-pop motels along Route 6, the "6-Hwy Motel" in Haxtun was still operating as of July 2002. Framed by Haxtun's large grain elevator, this pink landmark is hard to miss.
The great vistas offered by the High Plains are typically uninterrupted by human-created structures. This advertisement for an equipment dealer is far from the highway, but nonetheless quite visible because of its height and distinctive design. It is located south of Route 6 between Haxtun and Paoli. (May 2005 photo)



Holyoke, the eastermost town on Route 6 in Colorado, is an interesting central place on the High Plains.  Two of its notable landmarks are shown here (July 1998 photos).  Above is the old John Baldwin auto dealership, a classic example of an auto-oriented roadside facility.  Below is the Burge Hotel, located off Route 6 near the grain elevator and the railroad. The hotel is still in business as a bed and breakfast.



The roads that converge at Holyoke's main intersection relate to the outside world.  Highway 6, running east and west, flows on Denver Street and Highway 285, a north-south route, is named Interocean Avenue. According to locals, the latter gets its name from the idea that 285 represents some sort of dividing line between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Did the naming of this avenue result from the fact that Route 6 was a transcontinental highway?  For another Atlantic/Pacific story, visit Cass County Iowa on this Web site. (June 2010 photos)



One of Holyoke's more distinctive homes is now the Heginbotham Library. This classic bungalow was built in 1921 and is said to be haunted.  (June 2010 photo) 

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