Weld County, Colorado

Northeastward out of Denver, Route 6 shares a significant stretch of I-76. The old road does, however, extend through most of the old towns along the route. Pictured in this May 2000 photo is the central business district on the old road in Roggen.
Taken from just west of Keenesburg, this view shows old Route 6 with the parallel I-76 on the right. From this location on the Great Plains, about 35 miles northeast of Denver, the snow-capped Rockies are easily visible. (May 2005 photo)


Between 1931 and 1937 Route 6 ended at this T-intersection in Greeley, 18th Street and 8th Avenue.  It is now on business U. S. Route 34.  In the background is Crabbe Hall, part of the central campus of the University of Northern Colorado. (May 2002 photo) 

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