Cass County, Iowa

Route 6 bypasses Lewis by a couple of miles, but its predecessor roads ran right through town and past this landmark just west of town. Here is where the Morman Trail crossed the Nishnabotna River.

The predecessor to the route of Route 6 across Iowa was known as the "White Pole Road" because a white band was painted on poles and trees to mark the route. Almost lost in memory, the tradition was brought back in 1999 with the labeling of Route 6 throughout Cass County as the White Pole Road. The cows seem to be interested in history (or perhaps the photographer). (August 1999 photo; northeast of Lewis)
Atlantic is the Coca Cola Capital! It still has its very own privately-owned Coke bottling plant, its downtown area features a number of Coke murals, and it hosts the annual Coca Cola Days celebration. But how did this western Iowa town of 7,000 get its name? Local lore suggests that Atlantic was named as follows: The citizens reasoned that their town was midway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, so they decided to flip a coin to choose between "Atlantic" and "Pacific" for a name. The coin chose "Pacific." However, upon discovering that a nearby state already had a town named Pacific, they opted to become Atlantic. (May 2005 photo)
Route 6 through Atlantic takes 7th street, just skirting the downtown area. Here is a view from Route 6 down the main shopping street, Chestnut, which terminates at the old Rock Island Railroad station. The old depot has been restored and in now home of the Chamber of Commerce. (May 2005 photo)
One of the many Coca-Cola murals in Atlantic. (July 1998 photo)


The Jesse James gang robbed a train here on July 21, 1873. This infamous event occurred on the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad (later to become part of the Rock Island Railroad) just four years after it was completed to Council Bluffs on the Missouri River. The monument is located between Anita and Adair. Each of the two towns stakes a claim the infamous event. (July 1998 photo)

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