Johnson County, Iowa

This bucolic August 2001 scene, east of Homestead, shows the penchant that Iowans have for precise labeling of old road segments. However, for highway geographers, it does take some of the adventure out of trying to find sometimes-elusive segments.
Route 6 passes next to or through several major universities including the University of Southern California and, shown here, the University of Iowa. This is one of two pedestrian bridges that cross Route 6 and connect two parts of the Iowa campus on either side of the Iowa River. (March 1997 photo)
As part of our appreciation to Augustana College for hosting this Web site, we include this commercial. But why would they put this sign along Route 6, facing west, on "the strip" in Coralville? Perhaps they recognized that thousands of high school students take this route into Iowa City every year to visit the University of Iowa; and maybe just a few would be captured by the idea of attending Augustana, just fifty miles farther east. (March 1997 photo)

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