Illinois - Indiana Border

Through its entire history Illinois Route 6 cut a straight path across southern Cook County on 159th Street. And for most of its history it cut a gracefully curving path on Ridge Roade in northwestern Indiana.  Over the years it has crossed into Indiana in different locations, including 159th Street extended into the Hoosier state.  For several decades it turned south in Illinois on Torrance Avenue (as it does today) in Illinois, then turned east into Indiana.  
This 1959 Official Illinois State Road map shows Route 6 crossing the border on the new Kingery Expressway, todays I-80 and I-94.  In Indiana Route 6 joined an incredible bundle of east-west transportaion routes incluiding U. S. highways 12, 20, and 30 (just off the map to the south) and several railroads, including the New York Central, the Pennsylvania, the Baltimore & Ohio, the Wabash, the Erie, the Nickle Plate, and the Grand Trunk, in addition to some local and beltway lines.
At the Illinois-Indiana border Route 6 currently is duplexed with two very busy Interstates, 80 and 94.  Frankly, among all thirteen Route 6 state border crossings, this one ranks near the bottom in asthetic/scenic appeal.
Warning to easterners entering Illinois on Route 6.  Please use proper hand signals! This graphic was part of the State Of Illinois Official 1940 Highway Map, issued by Edward J. Hughs, Secretary of State.

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