La Salle County, Illinois

When the Westclox Company was making watches in Peru, Route 6 ran right between the factory and the offices. This October 1997 photo shows the office building.
The Kaskaskia Hotel in downtown La Salle. Right: October 2001 photo.  Above: 1950s postcard (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum)



As the highway follows a stair-step pattern east of Lasalle, interesting complexes of very old/old/new paved highway paths can be found along Route 6.  In some places the Route 6 explorer can stand in one place and see the 90 degree turn of the very old, a more gentle curve of the old, and a very gentle curve of the new. The October 2001 photo on the right shows one of the old curves that has been taken over for use as a driveway for the house in the background.



In Ottawa, just two blocks south of the current Route 6, is this magnificent structure, the aqueduct through which the Illinois and Michigan Canal passed over the Fox River.  The I&M Canal was completed in 1848 as a connection between Lake Michigan and the Illinois River at LaSalle. The aqueduct currently carries a walking/bike trail, but no water. (October 2001 photo)


"New and old Route 6, west of Marseilles. (March 1997 photo)

Closely paralleling Route 6 and some of the other two-lane highways of the mid-twentieth century were rail lines that carried several passanger trains per day. Among the Rock Island Railroad passenger trains that followed Route 6 through Illinois were the Rock Mountain Rocket, the Corn Belt Rocket, the Des Moines Rocket, and the Golden State Limited. March 1997 photo.

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