Hitchcock County, Nebraska

One of the joys of travelling Route 6 is being able to view tranquil rural landscapes up close. This March 1940 photograph was taken along the great highway at an unknown location in Hitchcock County by Arthur Rothstein.  It can be found in the American Memory Web archives of the Library of Congress.


Small towns on Route 6 are not without their scenic pleasures as well. In the absence of development pressures, many old buildings are not torn down in Great Plains towns. Photo taken in July 1998 in Palisade on old Route 6, which went right down the main street of town.

No doubt Palasade was named for the scenic bluffs that flank Frenchman's Creek.  Here is a farmstead nestled up against the bluffs to the east of town. (June 2010 photo) 

This scene comprises most of the hamlet of Beverly. Old school No. 48 occupies the center of this curious collage.  (June 2010 photo)  



For decades, Route 6 has skirted Culbertson, rather than going through town.  Here is an old roadside service station on the highway north of town.  (July 1998 photo)

In Culbertson the old highway exits town on Wyoming Street (above) then emerges about mile to the west onto the Current Route 6, which shares the road with U. S. 34 (right).  Down the road west of Culbertson, in the background of the photo on the right, the two highways separate.  34 goes straight, and 6 curves to the right to follow Frenchman's creek.  (June 2010 photos).



Culberson is located at the confluence of the Republican River and Frenchman's Creek.  Route 6 follows significant stretches of both streams, and benefits from the scenery they provide. (June 2010 photo)

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