Red Willow County, Nebraska

Just east of McCook is an excellent old Route 6 segment, just south of the current 6. This road provides access to the Nebraska Highway Department facility and is used for practice centerline painting. Note old road cut. (May 2001 photo, looking east)
Another view of this old road, looking west. (July 1998 photo)
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Prairie Style Sutton House. Located on the opposite side of downtown McCook from Route 6, it was built in 1906 for Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sutton. (April 2005 photo)

This postcard dates back to perhaps the early 1950s, a time when not all segments of U. S. highways were paved.  In fact a long stretch of Route 6 in western Utah, about 130 miles, was not paved until the 1950s. Crossing the Great Plains on Route 6 is a scenic adventure, but travelling the Plains on a north/south path, such as Route 83, must be an adventure of another magnitude.

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