Seward County, Nebraska


The Neon Arrow on Route 6 in Milford directed travellers to Phipps Modern Motel, whose theme was "Rest Makes Tomorrow."  It was closed as of the May 2000 photo on the right, although the buildings remained.  Left: 1940s postcard.  (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum) 


Even though Milford is at least three miles away from I-80 it embraces that interstate highway as its connection to the world. Route 6, which passes right through Milford, takes a back seat. (July 1998 photo)


This early 1950s Mobilgas (Socony-Vacuum Oil Company) roadmap of Iowa lists a few AM radio stations in Iowa and neighborhing states, most of which could have been heard during the daytime somewhere on Route 6.  WOI, the Iowa State University staion in Ames and WHO in Des Moines were heard across the entire stretch of Route 6 in Iowa.  WOW could be easily be heard from Iowa City westward, and WMT from Atlantic eastward.  Today some other AM stations, most of them near the lower end of the AM dial, cover vast territories in this region. They include WNAX in Yankton, SD, KWMT in Fort Dodge, IA, and KRVN in Lexington, Nebraska.  FM stations were of very minor importance at this time, but would increase in numbers dramatically by the 1960s.  However, none of them have the ability to cover the large territories commanded by the more powerful AM stations.  

This sign for the old Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway still stands at the Seward/Lancaster County border. This view looks toward the southwest over the rolling hills of Seward County. For more information on the sign, go east one county.  (June 2010 photo) 

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