Sandusky County, Ohio

       West of Fremont, July 1998

In July 1998, Ben's in Helena, was selling just about anything out of on 1882 opera house.
Somebody saved an old Route 6 sign with the state name on it, and displays it on the shed wall between Fremont and Sandusky. (July 1999 photo)

Food processing; we must be in the Midwest. This Heinz plant is on the northeast side of Fremont. (July 1998 photo)
Fremont, home to President Rutherford B. Hayes, is on two transcontinental highways, Routes 6 and 20, both of which share a bypass across the north side of town. Old 6 though town, however, is well marked as City Route 6. And, of course, City Route 6 passes right by the Hayes Presidential Center, which includes the first Presidential Library. (July 1998 photo)

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