Bradford County, Pennsylvania


Nationwide, Route 6 passes though a variety of bucolic settings. Here is a July 1999 view of Route 6 swooping down into the Susquehanna Valley west of Towanda. (Obviously, having to take this photo was an “emergency.”)
The Keystone Theatre in Towanda was originally Hale’s Opera House, built in 1886. Much of Towanda, including its business area, is in a National Register Historic District. (July 1999 photo)


Route 6 crosses the Sesquehanna River at Towanda.  The July 1999 photo above shows a railroad underpass through which old Route 6 passed on the way to the former river crossing.  The bridge at this location is now gone. The photographer turned to his right to take the shot on the right, which shows the new bridge.

Route 6 follows the meandering Sesquehanna from Towanda downriver to Tuckhannock.


Refugees from the 1793 French Revolution settled near here in a community called Azilum, which was occupied for about ten years. High above the Susquehanna river is this lookout on Route 6. At the time of this 1930s postcard, the Marie Antoinette Inn was a popular destination.  (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum)
Here is a photograph of the Susquehanna was taken 500 feet above the river at Marie Antoinette Inn on Route 6. (July 1999 photo) 


Another 1930s postcard scene along Route 6.  (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum)

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