Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Route 6 about ten miles west of Wellsboro. This 1940s postcard photograph, taken from Mount Tom, shows the scenic valley carved out by Pine Creek.    



Near, but not on, Route 6 is Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon. The Penn-Wells Hotel is shown above in a July 1999 photography and a 1940s postcard. (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum) 













Wellsboro, July 1999. For an excellent treatment of Diners in Pennsylvania, see: Bryan Butko and Kevin J. Patrick, Diners of Pennsylvania (Stackpole Books, 1999)



Before Route 6 was numbered, this road across Pennsylvania was called the Roosevelt Highway. The name was retained when 6 was numbered from Cape Cod to Erie, Pennsylvania in the late 1920s. And, for a time transcontinental Route 6 was promoted as the Roosevelt Highway. At various locations in Pennsylvania, like this one in Mainesburg, the road retains the Roosevelt label. (July 1999 photo)

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