Nye County, Nevada

From 1907, this national historic landmark has been beacon to Route 6 travelers approaching Tonapah. Clean, cheap rooms and a small casino in the lobby was a formula that could not be beat. Alas, the Mizpah was closed in 2001. Until the Hotel Nevada in Ely was built in 1928, the Mizpah was the tallest building in the state of Nevada.
Welcome to Nevada; money, gambling and liquor.  (May 2003 photo)



At one time, perhaps ending soon after Interstate highway routes became popular for crossing Nevada, some crossroads in the middle of Nevada were home to roadside services for travelers.  Current Station, pictured above in July 1998, included a gas station, motel, cafe, and bar.  
As of May 2003, the only services on this 167-mile stretch between Tonopah and Ely are at Black Rock Station, 96 miles east of Tonopah. (right)


Move over Route 50, Route 6 is the loneliest. Route 50 across Nevada claims to be "the loneliest road" in America. Not so. The stretch of Route 6 from Tonopah to Ely is lonelier.  (above: July 1998 photo)  The postcard on the left shows Stokes Castle, on Route 50 near Austin

The trip on Route 6 across Nevada can be hot and dry.  But a bit of a respit is provided at several summits along the way, where the temperatures are typically a bit lower than in the valleys.  July 1998 photo. 
The predecessor to Route 6 in this region was the Midland trail, connecting Los Angeles to the Lincoln Highway through Ely. Originally located southwest of Ely, these signs are now posted at the Historical Museum in Ely. (July1998 photo)

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