Carbon County, Utah

Castle Gate is a major gauntlet through which the Denver, Rio Grande, and Western Railroad was cut. In its early days the railroad was particularly important as a carrier of coal from Carbon County mines to Salt Lake City. Today, mines are visible along the highway that parallels the railroad. (May 2001 photo)
Route 6 currently bypasses the old downtown of many towns, including Helper, whose Main Street still has many basic services. Helper derives its name from the extra railroad engines, "helpers," needed to pull trains up through Castle Gate, just north of Helper, to the top of Soldiers Summit. (July 1998 photo)


On Main Street in Price is the Crown Theatre aside the Silver Dollar Saloon, shown in this May 2000 photo. Note the Utah state flag on the light post.

Two views of Main Street in Price.  Left: May 2001 photo. Right 1940s postcard showing the same scene at night (Curt Teich Postcard Archives, Lake County Illinois Discovery Museum).




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