Emery County, Utah

With Book Cliffs in the background, trucks make their way just north of Woodside. Some stretches of Route 6 that parallel major interstate highways have relatively little truck traffic. Others, like this one that connects I-70 at Green River to Salt Lake City, carry many trucks. (May 2001 photo)
Welcome to Green River. Between the Colorado border and Green River, Route 6 is duplexed with I-70. Along that stretch, however, are many neat old road segments. Numerous roadside services, including motels, service stations, and restaurants, in several settlements between Green River and the Colorado border have closed. Today, Green River remains as the center of such services for this region. (May 2001 photo)
The old bank building in Green River. (July 1998 photo)

Ray's is a  favorite stop for Route 6 explorers along with schools of Green River rafters. (July 1998 photo)


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