Utah - Colorado Border

Probably the most dramatic state border experience on all of Route 6 can be found here at the Utah/Colorado border. Bypassed by I-70 and the current Route 6, this stretch of old road is desolate. The trek along this road, however, is richly rewarded by the discovery of this stately monument. (July 1998 photo)
Here is a May 2005 view from the east of the Colorado/Utah border and monument. Note the change in pavement at the state line.

Sign near Mack, May 2001 photo.


This fabulous border spot is north of I-70 on old Route 6.  From the east, the old road follows the rail line through Fruita, Loma, and Mack, then takes off on its own toward the Utah border.  From the west, the last exit on I-70 in Utah connects with the old road. (map from a recent official state road map of Colorado)

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