Grand County, Utah

Both hotel and motel eras are gone in Thompson, in the past called Thompsons or Thompson Springs. Above, the old hotel had become a retirement home by the time of this 1998 photo.  The much more modern motel on the right had closed.
Thompson and the other small settlements along this stretch of Route 6 between Green River and the Colorado border no longer have retail services.

On old Route 6 west of Cisco is this signpost, which used to hold both a Route 6 and a Route 50 sign. Six and 50 now share Interstate 70, which is parallel to and not far from the old route. To the highway explorer, little bits and pieces of old roadside memorabilia like this are exciting to discover. (July 1998 photo)

Although a small number of people seem to live there, Cisco has the trappings of a ghost town, including numerous abandoned buildings, several of which served travelers on Route 6 in the past. (July 1998 photo)

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