Did You Know?

Route 6 goes through fourteen states, 109 counties, and five state capitals.

From 1937 to 1953, the far eastern segment of 6 headed west and the far western segment headed east.

Since 1965, when Route 6 was terminated at Bishop, California, Route 20 has been the longest U. S. transcontinental highway

In its transcontinental days, Route 6 intersected with the somewhat more famous Route 66 in two places: downtown Joliet and downtown Los Angeles.

The original highway across Iowa, part of which is followed by Route 6, was called the River to River road and was built in one day!

For several decades, Route 6 went right by the tallest building in the U. S. outside of New York City, the Terminal Tower in Cleveland (completed in 1930), and the tallest building in Nevada in the early twentieth century, the Mizpah Hotel in Tonapah (built in 1907).

At least ten traffic circles are or were on Route 6.

Route 6 is the only one of the classic transcontinental highways to cross the Hudson, Mississippi, Missouri, and Colorado Rivers.

Route 6 has half the digits and twice the kicks!